Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nothing Says ‘Easter’ like the Easter Bilby

The theme around here seems to be, if it’s not a marsupial, Australia wants nothing to do with it. Therefore, instead of the Easter Bunny, you get the Easter Bilby, which looks to me like a rat wearing bunny ears.

In 1991, the Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia started a movement to change the Easter symbol from bunny to bilby because apparently rabbits are feral pests that have wreaked a lot of havoc on the environment here. Not everyone fully embraces the bilby though. A guy about my age told me the Easter Bilby hasn’t completely caught on, and he seemed to think of it as a lame imposter.

I’m not going to knock anyone’s culture, but I’m going to have to give this round to the Easter Bunny. On the other hand, most of the chocolate eggs here seem better than back home. Still, I miss me some sour Starburst jellybeans.

Happy Easter... however you celebrate it... and even if you don't.

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