Friday, March 28, 2008

A Long Day of Exploring Part I

That’s right, this was such an experience it requires Roman numerals.

I decided to use my weeklong holiday to travel out of the city center and get to know different aspects of Sydney. With most of my friends in New Zealand or other states in Australia, they would have to be solo adventures, but I didn’t mind. It’s nice having full control over your experience.

My first trip was an hour-and-a-half bus ride north to Palm Beach. The beach is on the hammer-shaped Barrenjoey Peninsula, which means there is shore three minutes apart to the east and west.

I started at the south end of the beach, but decided I wanted to get to the lighthouse. It’s that speck atop the headland.

I trekked through the sand and up, up, up the mountain, but eventually reached it.

From there, I explored the trails down the sides of the peninsula with incredible views of Broken Bay and the Tasman Sea. This was probably the greatest spot I’ve ever eaten a sandwich.

Palm Beach one of the wealthiest suburbs of Sydney and a prime spot for a second beach home. It’s also the location where they shoot the long-running Aussie soap opera “Home and Away.” Of course, I happened to find them doing just that on my roundabout route back to the bus stop. Based on my research, I’m guessing that actress is Indiana Evans, if anyone is interested.

But my day wasn’t over. I was off to Avalon for another hike, which will have to be saved for another post.

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