Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fried Dough Tuesday

I’ve been on a roll with food posts, so how about another? Nearly two months ago, I discovered the Flying Fajita Sistas during a walk through Glebe. How could a name like that not pique your interests?

Even better than the name is the Tuesday special of $3 soft tacos and $3 tequila shots. Taco Tuesday quickly became a tradition among my friends. The regular menu is a bit pricey so we stick to the specials and the side dishes, including their incredible fresh tortilla chips. These babies come hot out of the fryer, but they’re never greasy, just perfectly crisp and ready for a dip in guacamole and corn salsa.

The Sistas have become quite popular in recent weeks after some good press in the Sydney Morning Herald and the university newspaper. But instead of pouting when we can’t get reservations, we visit the Sistas’ neighbor, San Churro. Okay, we still pout, but the San Churro Chocolateria is a few doors away on Glebe Point Road and just as satisfying.

They specialize in Spanish hot chocolate and churros... do I need to convince you any further? The hot chocolate is wickedly rich and begs to be shared. My favorite is the Buddha Baci, chocolate infused with hazelnut (yes, like hot, liquid Nutella), followed by the Azteca, spiced with cinnamon and chilli.

The churros are also amazing. Hot out of the fryer, not greasy, crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, waiting for a dip in melted dark chocolate and rainbow sprinkles hundreds and thousands.

To sum up, Flying Fajita Sistas: chips and tequila :: San Churro: churros and chocolate. Either option guarantees a good and gluttonous evening.

(For the record, that was a night we had 14 people at the Sistas.)


Jonna said...

Wow, that made me hungry. Nice shots!

TropicGirl said...

Yum! Next time, I want to tag along. That looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

jeez britt, you've changed.
didn't know you did shots these days.