Saturday, May 17, 2008

Autumn in Sydney and a Theory

Sydney has a moderate climate similar to Los Angeles. Many of the trees are evergreen, but there are a few varieties gushing autumn hues on my street in Darlington.

The weather has still been beautiful lately, sunny and low 70s or high 60s. Definitely still t-shirt and light sweater weather…unless you’re Aussie, in which case scarves and coats are more appropriate. Just because a few of the leaves changed color and they can’t go to the beach anymore, some people have decided to play the fall part and dress like it’s brisk out. They all look cute, but I can’t figure out how they’re not burning up. I’m too warm if I have one light extra layer on, but there are people walking around in wool, for crying out loud.

And then I figured it out. Cool people don’t sweat. Of course not. Only those unaffected by climate are cool enough to wear the Sydneysider uniform — boots, skinny jeans/leggings, spiffy shirt, scarf, cardigan, and fall coat — when it’s a cloudless 68 degrees. I’m so unhip, I take temperature into account when I get dressed.


Chris in Happy Valley said...

Isn't it hilarious what the locals put on when the temperature drops below about 20C? I saw a guy on the bus in a parka the other day. It was 19 and sunny.

cyberarted said...

not about climate... nice shot!