Friday, July 25, 2008

One Thing

There is really only one thing I wish I’d done that I didn’t while I was in Sydney: go on a boat.

Oh sure, I rode some ferries across the harbour, but I’m talking personal sailboat style. Every time I saw them out on the water, I imagined making friends with the owner and being invited aboard. It’s the type of thing that would have turned into what my friends would call a Brittany Story. (See: How I met Jane)

I even heard that on Sunday mornings at Rushcutters Bay you can often find people who will bring you along. They say it’s easier to get picked if you have sailing experience, but you’ve gotta learn somehow, right? I was convinced someone would let me on their boat.

Unfortunately, once I learned about Rushcutters, the weather got cooler and school got busier. We just never found a Sunday to wake up early enough and spend the day out there. Still, every time I saw a boat, I told my friends, “I bet they would take us on their boat.”

Next time...

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Anonymous said...

hi brittany! even though you are gone, i still read your blogs to remember all the things that you did here! just a note: today, i'm going on a boat with a bunch of my geelong high school friends and i opened it up today and voila! boats! i wished you were here so i can just ask if you wanted to come along, but you are so far away now :(
miss you, hope to hear from you soon! xox